Monday, October 8, 2012

Color Run Team Names

While I was coming up with a team name for my group for the recent Color Run in Tuscaloosa I noticed there weren't a lot of examples out on the Internet. So, I forged ahead and made up my own. And, while I was at the event several people told me their team names (or ideas for team names), but some of the names were just descriptive at best ("The Red Bandanas") or not even in the colorful spirit of the event at worst ("The Flying Pototoes" -- there's not even a color in that team name!).
So, to help those of you out who need team name ideas for your Color Run team, or your Color Me Rad team, or even your local paintball team, here are some colorful suggestions that I came up with that you are free to use or riff on:

  • Overly Saturated 
  • Colorful Language
  • Running, Going Blue (RGB)
  • Colors Make You Krazy (CMYK) 
  • Soylent Green Is People! 
  • Yellow Bellied Blue Haired Walkers
  • Does That T-Shirt Come In Any Color Other Than White 
  • Color Me Blue... and Pink and Green and Orange and Purple and Yellow 
  • Orange You Glad You Aren’t With Us 
  • Throw That Colored Powder At The Slow Walker Behind Me 
  • We Can’t Run But We Can Color With The Best Of Them 
  • Hue Wants To Know
  • Blue By You
  • Painting, Panting, Passing Out 
  • Lite Brite’s Got Nothin’ On Us 
  • Who Are You Calling Yellow?
  • Chase The Rainbow
  • Splatter Paint By Number 
  • Coloring Outside The Lines 
  • We Dream In Color We Run In White 
You could also go with a theme and have everyone in your group wear something similar:
  • 50 Shades Of Grey (everyone in your group could wear grey-tinted sunglassess)
  • Pink Ponies (everyone in your group could wear pink pony tails)
  • The White Stripes (self explanatory, but you could also print Jack White on the back of your shirts)
  • Back In Black (paint the back of your t-shirts black)
  • Go Big Red, Crimson Tide, Red Sox, Big Blue Wrecking Crew (pick your favorite sports team [assuming they have a color associated with them] and wear your team's colors proudly)
O.K., so I know that just like the points on the t.v. show "Whose Line Is It Anyway?" the team names at the Color Run and Color Me Rad events don't matter -- you just use them for registration purposes. But, that doesn't mean you can't have fun with your team name -- come up with a logo and make signs with your team name, and/or have (white) t-shirts printed (or use iron-on letters/artwork) with your team name across your back.


Anonymous said...

Was just looking for a team name and came across your list. Thanks! Fun resource.

Anonymous said...

really cool names thanx

Anonymous said...

Hey, nice list. I had seen several of these of these at Funny Team Names in their color run section. But several of these weren't there too... cool list! Thanks.

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